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iPhone XR

iPhone XR

iPhone XR Refurbished

Our company policy is to only sale of Refurbished devices and aesthetically Grade A +, ie almost like new! Also we are the only ones to give you Box and all the accessories provided!

Save Money Now: 
Why spend more on a new iPhone when you can buy it again and spend less and have the same operating guarantees? Purchasing on SmaRtop is convenient.

iPhone XR Refurbished: Specifications. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose your Refurbished iPhone XR and save money!



Il telefono presenta inestetismi molto marcati, come ad esempio graffi e ammaccature. No Accessori.


 Il telefono potrebbe presentare lievi segni di usura, come piccoli graffi, ma non estesi ed evidenti. No Accessori.


Condizioni pari al nuovo, Fornito con Scatola e Accessori

  • Brand: Apple
  • Product Code: iPhone XR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 449.00€

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